Books To Read: Klopp – Bring the Noise by Raphael Honigstein

Klopp – Bring the Noise by Raphael Honigstein. Raphael Honigstein is the UK’s top expert on German football. Think you know Klopp inside out? German journalist Raphael Honigstein has exclusive access to former players, colleagues, friends and family to provide the most in-depth depiction of the Liverpool boss yet. 

The definitive insight into the man behind Liverpool’s Champions League 2019 victory

Jürgen Klopp was confirmed as manager of Liverpool FC in October 2015 to a rapturous reception. His super-sized personality and all-or-nothing style of football and management made him the perfect choice to pump up the volume at Anfield and lift Liverpool out of a slump.

Fans and club officials were delighted to get the coach they’d long admired from afar and eager to see the impact he would have on the club and the Premier League.

Klopp is the manager to turn players into winners. He’s authentic, approachable and funny, charming media and fans alike. He’s also merciless and exceptionally driven, his quick temper bubbling away barely under the surface. Klopp’s pitch-side passion has enthralled fans, culminating in 2019’s triumphant Champions League win.

Book is the access to Klopp’s friends, family, colleagues and players, Raphael Honigstein goes behind-the-scenes at Liverpool to tell the definitive story of Klopp’s career and how he brought Liverpool to victory.

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