Christopher Milliner’s Newly Released Book “My Thought of the Day

“My Thought of the Day: The ‘Why’ Factor”: a masterful narrative that tackles how to fulfill life’s vision by providing sound guidance that shed light to one’s path. “My Thought of the Day: The ‘Why’ Factor” is the creation of published author, Christopher Milliner, a prolific writer.

Milliner shares, “The birthing of this book started several years ago when I was in my hometown thinking of all the reasons why my life turned out the way it did. I remember as if it were yesterday. I had just brought my children to my mom’s for what we called summer vacation, but in reality, it was because my beautiful, most precious wife was struggling immensely with her drug addiction, and to try to keep my babies in a stable, stress-free environment, we went to Omi’s. It got to the point that going to my mom’s was an indicator that the kids’ mom was struggling again, and the summer vacation slowly faded into, ‘Mom in jail again and Dad needs help watching us while he’s at work.’ It wasn’t until we lost everything that I remember sitting down and thinking—why—why am I going through all this chaos over and over and over again? I’m the father of six amazing and beautiful children, the husband of a beautiful wife, and yet I am unable to get the love of my life to stop her addiction, even if it is so obviously tearing us apart. I began to think about how we got here. I went through all the possible scenarios and circumstances and all the decisions I’ve made through all the twists and turns in life that got us to this point. It wasn’t immediate, like a light turning on, but more like a slow fading into the light. Regardless of anyone else, I began to realize that I was right where I was in life because of all my good and bad decision-making, and it was then that I said to myself that enough is enough, and my reason why I finally changed course and started new was for a brighter future for myself and my six little angels.

“This book is a part of me in the most sincere way. I’ve read and studied a lot of codependent books, all of which are very good and helpful, but I wanted to write a letter—of hope if you would—to a much larger group. In short, if you don’t see yourself in a codependent relationship, then truth be told, you’re not going to get a book about codependency. This book was specifically designed to reach beyond that barrier and to let the reader know and understand that they have complete control over their life’s circumstance. It’s all behind our personal reason-why that ultimately becomes the foundation for our choices in life. My hopes and prayers are that this book helps you as much as it has helped me.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Christopher Milliner’s new book exudes with potential help in keeping readers grounded but enlightened about the nature of life and how to work one’s way to attaining satisfaction and blessedness.

View a synopsis of “My Thought of the Day: The ‘Why’ Factor” on YouTube.

Consumers can purchase “My Thought of the Day: The ‘Why’ Factor” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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