Hack Recruiting – book underscores need to leverage tech to hire right people

Hack Recruiting - book underscores need to leverage tech to hire right people

Victor Assad’s debut book underscores the need to leverage technology to hire the right people

Hack Recruiting
Hack Recruiting

Victor Assad tells human resources and recruiting leaders that HR now has the same digital tools used by marketing to build robust employer brands. With digital technology, HR leaders can transform recruiting, streamline processes, hire faster, cut costs, and digitally track analytics that will open up a new era of understanding on what truly drives employee performance and innovation.

“The human resources profession is about to be overrun by digitization,” Assad asserts. To address this, he offers HR and recruiting leaders “Hack Recruiting” (published by Archway Publishing), a guide on the digital technologies that are available today and how to select them, supported by case studies of how they have improved performance and the employee experience.

The book lists the best recruiting techniques from industrial/organizational psychologists and what today’s multigenerational and diverse workforce wants from an employer. Further, it provides tips on how to recruit during a tight U.S. talent economy when the number of open jobs is larger than the number of unemployed. The advice and case studies include how to recruit and select from the over 70 million formerly incarcerated adults in the country, those over 55, and the disabled.

Unlike other popular recruiting books on the market, “Hack Recruiting” covers more than excellent advice on screening and interviewing job candidates, to create a complete and thorough resource for companies of any size.

“HR and recruiting is an essential business process for finding and attracting the top talent the company needs to grow profitably. As with any high volume, essential business process, it needs to be streamlined and with heavy doses of the best digital technology for recruiting,” Assad says. “‘Hack Recruiting’ provides a strong call to action to change and improve recruiting and HR—and the real bottom line: driving profitable growth.”

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