Diagram Prize 2018 for Oddest Book

The Fortieth Annual Diagram Prize for Oddest Book Title of the Year has been announced with great revelry and Joy of Waterboiling, by Christina Scheffenacker, has taken the prize.

Title itself has even offered up the new meme-like acronym JOW. The winner  simmered in shortlist controversy as the entire text of the book is in German; however, The Booksellerclarified the book’s eligibility “as only a book’s title need be in English.”

Promoting the Eurocentric feel of the win, the Vienna-based publishers of the hilariously plain cookbook, Asche Verlag, actually wanted the prize.

According to The Bookseller, the publishers went into full marketing mode once the shortlist was announced and “launched an impressive Instagram and Facebook drive, urging its many followers to vote.”

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