PM Modi calls up Pune Nurse applauds her role in fight against Covid-19


PUNE: A senior nursing staffer at the civic-run Naidu Hosital was pleasantly surprised on Friday afternoon when Prime Minister Narendra Modi called her on her personal cellphone and extended his appreciation.

“A total of 60 nurses are involved in the care of patients diagnosed with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) infection at Naidu Hospital. When the PM’s office contacted us on Thursday for information on the nurses working at Naidu Hospital, we provided them with some names.

On Friday, the PM called one of the nurses, Chaya Jagtap, working as a nurse at Naidu Hospital for 20 years now.

He spoke to her and expressed his appreciation for her work and many other front-line nurses across the country who are so bravely dispensing their duties and boosting moral of patients undergoing treatment under their care,” said public health expert Sanjeev Wavare, the in-charge of Naidu Hospital, which is one of the designated isolation units for treatment of Covid-19 in Pune.

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