Submit Your Nominee for the Louis Shores Award

The Louis Shores Award Committee is currently inviting nominations for its 2019 recipient. Established in 1990, the Louis Shores Award recognizes an individual reviewer, group, editor, review medium, or organization for excellence in reviewing. The award recipient is selected for significant achievement related to a reviewing process that helps librarians make selection and collection development decisions. Online and in-print work is considered equally. The winner(s) receives a citation.

Selection Criteria:

  1. The reviewer’s body of work, or the review source, is significant to the library profession.
  2. The reviewer/source serves an active role in the development of collections of all kinds.
  3. The quality, insight, and presentation of the reviews/source serve as a model for others.
  4. The reviewer/source is innovative and/or advances the role of reviews in selection and collection development.
  1. The reviewer’s body of work, or the review source, is a pleasure to read, is useful, and is authoritative/knowledgeable.

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